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Flexible dining, expertly prepared from the finest ingredients.

At Venue Central we want to ensure that you have the perfect dining experience which is why we don’t use one team of chefs.

Why? Because it is hard to provide truly authentic dishes for a variety of tastes and cultures from one source and do it well.

You wouldn’t expect to find the finest western cuisine in an Indian restaurant just as you wouldn’t expect to find a great authentic curry in a pub.

For this reason we have handpicked the very best catering suppliers within a 50 mile radius so that we can perfectly match the requirements of our clients, their budgets and their guests.

We provide an exceptional range of catering options from the more traditional and inexpensive right up to complex and creative fusion cuisines that use the absolute finest, organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Once you have selected your chosen catering provider you can then choose from a further range of menu options and arrange a tasting session.

On the day of your event your chosen caterers will come and expertly cook and prepare your food in the state-of-the-art kitchen at Venue Central.

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